Year 6


 In Year 6 there are two classes, Class M ( Miss Collins) and Class N (Miss Gawor). 

Support Staff: Mrs Prescott and Mrs O'Donnell

This is your final year in Primary school and during this year we do many exciting things, that will hopefully create wonderful memories!

We start the year exploring many things as we learn about Britain Since the 1930's. You will experience life through the war years and hear the stories of those who lived through these times. You will be able to demonstrate how much you have learnt in your own special topic project.

 The winter term offers the memorable adventure of a weeks residential trip.  This is a fabulous journey where we work together to ensure everyone challenges themselves to complete a variety of challenging activities. You'll be surprised what you can do with a bit of professional instruction and the encouragement of your friends!

Throughout the year we extend our learning through drama days, off site visits and we also celebrate as classes during our class masses and assemblies.

Of course the culmination of your many years at St. Mary's will be the summer production. I bet you can't wait to find out what you will be performing!  Each production has its own character and will give you the opportunity to show your various talents.