St Mary's Catholic Primary School

"Nurturing Our God-Given Talents"



Headteacher: Mr J Sims  

Deputy Headteacher / Key Stage 1: Mrs J Hansen

Key Stage 2 Leader: Mrs C Pita

Foundation Stage Leader:  Miss F Brophy

SENCO: Mrs A Henderson

R.E. Team: Mr J Sims, Mrs E Shallice, Mrs S Williams


Class Teachers

Nursery: Mrs E Dennis-Huille

YR: Mrs J Otley, Miss F Brophy & Mrs E Shallice

Y1: Mrs A Piechota & Mrs C Thaxter

Y2: Mrs J Hansen, Mrs C White, Mrs B Bone & Mrs K Loynton

Y3: Mrs D Whitewood & Miss N Donnelly

Y4: Mrs S Woodhouse, Mrs H Evans & Mrs E Holmes

Y5: Mr S Williams & Mrs R Flynn & Mrs A Parsons 

Y6: Miss T Gannon and Mrs S Williams

Music Teacher: Mrs J McGarry

French Teacher: Mrs R Flynn

Supply Teacher/PPA/Management Relief: Mrs N Harding


Support Staff:

Nursery Nurses:  Mrs E Ross-Wilden & Mrs S Smith

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs S Finn, Mrs E Hack, Mrs H Rodgers, Mrs D Roberts, Mrs T Perrin, Mrs G Prescott, Mrs S Clark, Mrs J Evans, Mrs J Johnson, Mrs N Everett, Mrs D Thornton, Mrs S Jennings, Mrs P Townsend, Ms B Doherty,  Mrs I Lleshi, Mrs D O'Donnell, Miss C McDonough, Mrs V Farrell, Mrs S O'Shea, Ms S McAllen, Mrs V Calter and Mrs R Osei-Mensah. 


Office Staff: 

Business Manager: Mrs R Pampling

SAO: Mrs J Jefferys

Clerical Assistant: Mrs S Jeffrey

ICT Technician: Mr A Strickland

Senior Midday Meal Supervisor: Mrs Hack

Midday Supervisors: Mrs Fox, Mrs Deady, Mrs Perera, Mrs Samuels and Mrs Brou

(Teaching assistants also have midday duties.)


Subject Co-ordinators

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr J Sims

Designated Safeguarding Officer: Mrs J Hansen

English - Mrs C Thaxter

Maths - Mrs Green

R.E. Team: Mr J Sims, Mrs E Shallice, Mrs S Williams

History - Mrs D Whitewood

Geography - Mrs A Piechota

Art - Mrs E Holmes

D.T. -  Mrs E Holmes

Science - Mrs S Woodhouse

P.E.- Miss E Dennis

MFL (French) - Mrs R Flynn

Assessment - Mrs J Hansen

Computing  - Mrs C Pita

Music - Mrs J McGarry

PSHE - Mrs J Otley 

School Council- Mrs C White

Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health Lead- Mrs E Dennis-Huille