St Mary's Catholic Primary School

"Nurturing Our God-Given Talents"

Mission and Values




The whole school community helped develop our school mission which was officially launched in September 2023. Inspired by the works of Sr Catherine McAuley and the unique history of our school, our mission is rooted in the Gospel and inspires us to help grow and develop all aspects of our children, our staff and our community. 

'Nurturing Our God-Given Talents' is inspired by the following: 

  • God is at the centre of everything we do
  • The parable of the talents from Matthew 25:14-30
  •  'Talent' was a unit of weight in the ancient world often used for weighing gold and silver. Catherine McAuley started the Sisters of Mercy with the money she inherited. 
  • At St Mary's, we believe that our talents are out children, staff and whole community.


st marys charism 1 .pdf



In consultation with our community, we consulted to outline some values to help guide our choices and actions: 

Faith   Respect   Resilience   Love   Truth  Mercy