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The Governing Body of St Mary’s School works together as a team, under the leadership of the Chair of Governors. It makes decisions which are in the long-term best interests of the pupils. The aim is to provide sound and efficient governance/leadership, working in partnership with the Headteachers and their staff. Our ultimate aim is to make this the best school it can be for our wonderful pupils and enable them to be the best they can be.

The Governing Body consists of 12 Governors (Foundation Governors, Parent Governors, Staff Governor, Headteacher as Ex Officio and a Co-opted Governor). Apart from the Headteacher, they serve for 4 years.

The Governing Body conducts the majority of its work through committees:

Learning & Achievement

Finance and Audit 

Governors are responsible for conducting regular monitoring visits to school, which focus on specific areas of the School Improvement Plan or areas of statutory responsibility.

There are clear boundaries between the role of the Governing Body and the Headteachers.

The focus for our Governing Body is threefold.

  • Ensuring that our school has a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction (what kind of school we are, what kind of school we want to be and how we get there)
  • Holding our Headteachers to account for the educational performance of the school (making sure that all our pupils achieve in whatever way they can)
  • Ensuring the school’s resources are used in a sound, proper and efficient manner (we are doing the best we can with public funds)

The Headteachers are responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school, in addition to the educational performance of the school.


Should you wish to see any of the minutes from the governors meetings, please email:

Our Governors

Chair of Governors: Mr Gary Farrelly

Foundation Governor, appointed by GB/board

Dates of term: 6/11/21-7/11/25

Register of Interests: None declared

I have been associated with St Mary's for many years. Both my children attended and then transferred to St Thomas More. I am a parishioner at Christchurch with a strong background in Finance. I am the Chair and lead the Resources.


Mrs Claire Good

Foundation Governor, appointed by foundation/Trust

Dates of term: 23/3/22-24/3/26

Register of Interests: None declared

I have longstanding links with St Mary’s through my children and felt I should use my skills and passion for education to further benefit the school and become actively involved. Being a Governor is an opportunity to fully understand the inner workings of a school and to work as part of a team whose job is to ensure the school delivers the best possible outcomes for all the children on the school roll in a happy and safe learning environment.


Mrs Catrina Hamilton

Foundation Governor, appointed by foundation/Trust

Dates of term: 24/11/21-23/11/25

Register of Interests: None declared


Headteacher: Jonathan Sims

Dates of term: Ex Officio. Since September 2018, a member of the Governing Body by virtue of position in the school

Register of Interests: None declared

As Headteacher of the school, I am determined that each child is given the maximum opportunity to realise their potential. With Christ at our centre, our purpose is to create a culture of high expectations where children and staff can excel. 

I aim to provide a high-quality education for all, that is broad and balanced, where creativity and personality are allowed to shine; where perseverance and resilience are developed. 


Sr Chris Bendin

Foundation Governor, appointed by foundation/Trust

Dates of term: 12/11/23-11/11/27

Register of Interests: Institute of Our Lady of Mercy which leases the property to the Diocese

St Mary’s began as a school run by Sisters of Mercy. Although we are no longer in a teaching role, the Convent is situated on site which means that the Sisters are still able to be involved in the life of the school. We are very proud of St Mary’s.

In my role as SEND Governor I have a particular care for children with special educational needs or disabilities. It is important that the decisions we make are always in the best interests of all pupils. I am passionate that every child at St Mary’s achieves his or her potential which is why I do everything I can to support the dedicated work of our SENCo and her team. I also encourage the school to develop its links with the local community.


Mrs Jacqueline Hansen

Staff Governor, elected by school staff

Dates of term: 13/6/22-14/6/26

Register of Interests: None declared. 

I have now been teaching for over thirty years with the last thirteen spent here at St. Mary’s. I have taught in all year groups and am currently teaching in Year 2. I am the Assistant Head, Key Stage One lead and also have responsibility for pupil premium children across the whole school..

I feel strongly that we should provide all children with a creative curriculum where individual strengths are recognised and fostered. It is essential that all our children make academic progress but this should always be within a caring and supportive environment with Christ and his teachings at the centre of all that we do.


Deirdre Michalakis

Foundation Governor, appointed by foundation/Trust 

Dates of term: 4/11/23-3/11/27

Register of Interests: None Declared.

My background is in catering and my family have been involved in the restaurant business for over 30 years. 

My youngest daughter attended St Mary’s when we moved to Eltham whilst my older children went to St Winifred’s in Lee. I have been a catechist at Christchurch for the First Holy Communion programme for the last eight years. Therefore, I have a connection to the children attending St Mary’s. 

I hope to contribute in anyway I can as a Foundation Governor. 


Lucy Meyer

Parent Governor, elected by parents

Dates of term: 16/10/23-17/10/26

Register of Interests: None declared

A parishioner of S.S. Thomas More and John Fisher, I have two children at St. Mary’s, and work at a local Grammar where I am SENCo and Assistant Headteacher in charge of the quality of curriculum provision. These areas are where I can contribute the most to the school; ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive, and to experience a broad and exciting curriculum that will ignite their curiosity, foster a love of learning and support their progress. I am also an experienced MFL teacher and have trained teachers nationally for many years. The warmth of St. Mary’s and the quality of care and education are second to none and it would be a privilege to serve its community. 


Daisy Akemma

Co-opted Governor, appointed by foundation/Trust

Dates of term: 9/12/21-10/12/2025

Register of Interests: None declared


Tim Chiosso

Parent Governor, elected by parents

Dates of term: 5/12/22-6/12/2026

Register of Interests: None declared

I would love to contribute as a governor to the ethos and community of St Mary’s, which has impressed me greatly since my daughter started there three years ago. I bring a long-term commitment to the role, with my youngest hoping to start next year. I am a Eucharistic Minister at Christchurch and value the strong link between the church and school. My background is in financial IT and project management, and I feel I can bring valuable skills to the Finance & Resources Committee, as well as having a keen interest in the teaching of IT.


Nathalie Adotevi

Foundation Governor, appointed by foundation/Trust 
Dates of term: 23/10/23-24/10/26


Historic Governors in the last 12 months:


Mrs Michelle Robinson

Foundation Governor, appointed by foundation/Trust

Dates of term: 3/11/20-25/06/2024



Clare Phipps

Ex Officio. Since September 2018, a member of the Governing Body by virtue of position in the school

Dates of term: 01/09/2018-18/02/2024


Sarah Dean

Parent Governor, elected by parents

Dates of term: 23/5/19-24/5/23


Fr John Fricker

Foundation Governor, appointed by foundation/Trust

Dates of term: 5/11/18-6/11/22


Mary Duffy

Local Governor, elected by parents

Dates of term:23/5/19-21/7/22


Governing Body Meetings 2023/2024

Autumn Term

Monday 25th September 2023         7pm               Full Governing Board meeting

Monday 16th October 2023              4pm               Learning & Achievement Committee

                                                             7pm                Finance & Resources Committee

Monday 4th December 2023            7pm                Full Governing Board meeting


Spring Term

Monday 4th March 2024                 4pm                Learning & Achievement Committee

                                                            7pm                 Finance & Resources Committee

Monday 25th March 2024                7pm                 Full Governing Board meeting


Summer Term

Monday 3rd June 2024                    4pm                Learning & Achievement Committee

                                                            7pm                 Finance & Resources Committee

Monday 24th June 2024                   7pm                 Full Governing Board meeting



Committee Members for 2023 - 2024

Finance and Audit

Learning and Achievement

 Tim Chiosso (Chair)

 Jacqueline Hansen (Chair)

Jonathan Sims

Jonathan Sims

Claire Good

Deirdre Michalakis

Lucy Meyer

Nathalie Adotevi

Jacqueline Hansen

Sr. Chris Bendin

Gary Farrelly

Daisy Akemma



Attendance and Register Documents

Governors Attendance 2021 2022

Governors Declaration of Interests 2022 2023

Governors Attendance 2022 2023

Governors Declaration of Interests 2023 2024

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