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Faith Friends

Faith Friends Magazine

 March 2018.

Well done to the Faith Friends who raised £120.00 through the sale of uniform and books.  The money raised will go towards the purchase of candles for RE resources and an Oscar Romero Cross.


December 2017


The Faith Friends performed 'A Boat full of Trouble' to the Infants.  This is the story of God instructing Noah to build an Ark as a flood was about to happen.  Noah was to put two of each animal onto the Ark.  The infants thoroughly enjoyed the performance - Well done to the Faith Friends.


December 2017

The Faith Friends have been busy collecting for Providence Row.  They collected a grand total of £400 and a splendid display of food and warm blankets.  This will all go towards helping our most vulnerable people living on the streets this Christmas. 


February 2018

Well done to our Faith Friends who put on a splendid assembly for parents recently. Our Y6 Faith Friends will be stepping down to allow Y4 to join so a big thank you for all their hard work over the years.

The assembly showed how confident and articulate these children are. Mrs Kingdon had prepared them well but they needed very little support on the day. Mrs Arundell, who actually set up Faith Friends, attended and was very impressed. The children gave two short presentations which clearly showed how these children are making a difference to worship in the school. They give up lots of free time to work with younger children, helping them to pray, putting on plays to aid their understanding, selling uniform, Faith Friends magazines and generally just being pro-active in the school.

Keep it up children and well done to Mrs Kingdon for giving up her free time each week and making it such fun for the group.