St Mary's Catholic Primary School

"Nurturing Our God-Given Talents"

Prayer and liturgy

prayer and liturgy policy 2023.pdf

8th December 2023 

Grace Williams and Lily Fenn, RA, told the story of Jesus’ birth in prayer time.
They also shared the story to the whole of the Infants during our Friday assembly, and spoke very confidently.


13th October 2023

Classes 1C, 2F and RA held collective worship today. Well done to the children for leading their class with their special message. Class A shared the story of Jonah and the Whale and class C read David and Goliath.

29th September 2023

Camera and Isabella led collective worship for RA. They shared the story of creation and thanked God for our beautiful world. Oscar and Maya led collective worship in 2E. 

30th June 2023

Herbie, Nathan and Carter led collective worship for class A. They decided to tell the story of Jesus calming the storm. They told the class that if we feel scared we should ask Jesus for help and Jesus will always be there for us.

16th June 2023

Children from Y1 led their classes in prayer during their collective worship today. Annointing and Eden, 1D, and Daniela and Fionn, 1C, made beautiful altars to show that the bread we receive at Holy Communion represents the Body of Christ.

9th June 2023

Amelie, Harper and Jessica, Class A, led collective worship today. They talked about Corpus Christi and set up a beautiful prayer table. They prayed that all people around the world should have enough to eat. Christ Jesus, Bread of Life, feed us with your love and wisdom and move us to help one another, so that all people may have enough to eat. Amen.

19th May 2023

Joana Grace and Naga led collective worship in class A today. They made their altar to reflect how special Mary is because she said yes to God. Harry and Isabella led the collective worship in class C, making a beautiful altar to celebrate the special month of May. Zachary and Helen prepared the prayer table and led class D in their collective worship. The class thought about different ways that we can show love to all people.

12th May 2023

Dexen Do and Erin O’ Connor Riley designed a beautiful prayer table for Collective Worship for their class today.

23rd January 2023

Thank you to Lilah and Daisy in Y6 today who led collective worship in the dining hall today. They prepared the Gospel about when Jesus went onto a mountain and taught his disciples - helping to deepen their understanding and Faith.